Michael Blank
▶ Godbound

A good description of a Knowledge Divine Wrath.

"The memories in the mirror. They were flooding into his mind. The mirror had been smashed and was releasing all the memories that it's stolen over the centuries - the aeons, perhaps. Many of those memories were not mortal. Many where the memories beasts and intelligent creatures which had existed even before Melniboné. And the memories warred for a place in Elric's skull - in the skulls of all the Imrryrians - in the poor tortured skulls of the men outside whose pitiful screams could be heard rising from the streets - and in the skull of Captain Valharick, the turncoat, as he lost his footing on the great column and fell with the shards from the mirror to the ground far below.

Elric lay upon the stone floor of the warehouse and he realized, as his comrades writhed, trying to clear his head of a million memories that were not his own of loves, of hatred, of strange experiences and ordinary experiences, of wars and journeys, of the faces of relatives who are not his relatives, of men and women and children, of animals, of ships and cities, of fights, of lovemaking, of fears and desires - and the memories fought each other for possession of his crowded skull, threatening to drive his own memories (and thus his own character) from his head. And as Elric thrived upon the ground, clutching at his ears, he spoke a word over and over again in an effort to cling to his own identity.
'Elric. Elric. Elric."
--- Elric of Melniboné, book 2 chapter 8 by Michael Moorcock