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Are pretech artifacts made largely obsolete by modding? Couldn't a Colonial Arms Shear Rifle be made superfluous by a Boosted Customized Autotargeting Mag Rifle?

Nik May

I figure pretech can also be modded, and what we see in the books are the base items.

I also think that modding postech stuff is what eventually leads to pretech stuff, so i'm ok with mods boosting postech above baseline pretech.

Josh Peters

It's not impossible to make a hot rod mag rifle. But consider that the mods you're talking about cost 3 points of Maintenance, and 7500 credits, weapon included. This gives you a +2 to hit and damage.

A shear rifle is 600 credits, provides a +1 to hit, and can fire bursts. That's off the shelf. A Colonial Arms shear rifle is +2 to hit, +1 to damage, and can fire bursts. You can't normally buy it, but it's also indestructible, can use any power source, and can be modded itself.

So, no, mods don't render pretech guns obsolete. They just require a huge outlay of resources to get them to that point. And you still don't get the all important pretech perks.