Paradox Song
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Okay... So due to party antics, they have a normal parasite god as a party member (Seal of Regnal Dominion, and a mistake on my part not committing effort to pass the save) it is now relevant whether a Parasite God recovers HP like god bound do. My party and I are at an impasse saying a minor would likely heal like normal NPCs (1/day) a normal parasite god could go either way, and a major would definitely heal like a godbound. Is this right at all?

Also, how would you GM's out there handle a Parasite God of Death in Ancalia, what kind of trouble would the party have keeping something around, when, generally speaking, ancalians might not be able to really tell they are one?

Matthew Skail

If it's a new PG I would say now would be the time to make deals with it, use it...while it is at its most human! The honeymoon won't last, and it will eventually demand a death cult, but if the Pcs are GB it might be interesting if they could somehow save it/integrate it into the pantheon.

Since people are so few and far between, it is going to have to compete for worship with the Pcs. Using its death powers it could easily protect populated centres from husks.

As to it's healing rate, I would argue it would heal like a GB. It's bound to a word after all.