Matthew Skail
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One of Many-ciries Gift.

Since citizens won't give you trouble, does that mean you can pretty much go anywhere, including the evil cultists lair or top secret assassin guild or military base so long as it is peopled by locals?

Jon Moyer

The Gift states that the PC has a connection with the "common" citizenry, and that citizens who are lesser foes will not attack unless "vigorously provoked."

In one case, I think it's fair to state that cultists, assassins, and the military are not "common" citizens. But even if they were, I think it's also fair to say that trespassing into their hidden lairs or fortified bases - given that they hold sensitive information vital to their security or even survival - could be considered "vigorous provocation".

Even though Cities Godbound can blend in flawlessly with the local populace, this doesn't mean the local populace can go anywhere they want. I would probably still require Deception to infiltrate areas that are important to "uncommon" citizens of the city.