Mason Munden
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Hey +Kevin Crawford ,

I wanted to say thank you. Thanks for making irresistibly good games, thank you for providing personal extended support for your products, thank you for putting up with the incessant questions regarding intent, interpretations and so forth (even though we really ought to get in the habit of rulings over rules at some point) and thank you for all-around being a reliable, hard-working author of things we love to throw money at. You put in the hours, and hours you never signed up for; your dedication is admirable. I hope you see the success you desire.


P.S. I'm pretty sure Wolves of God is gonna blow up in a (good) big way. As soon as that KS drops, I'm gonna buy into the highest tier, just so you're aware. It really looks great.

Marshall Brengle


Samuel S. (GottJammern)

You're absolutely right Mason. Kevin, your commitment to truly astonishing community interaction and stellar commitment to your work is the reason you've done so well, I'm sure. Thank you.

Henry de Veuve

Hear, hear!