Josh Peters
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Tonight's SWN Revised session: the PCs impersonate missionaries because one of the PCs is a devout follower of one of the splinter religions founded in Tiberius Crone's honour. They get in good with the locals of a remote fishing village. The end result? They save a naive girl from herself, and ingratiate themselves with her mother. The ship's captain dresses up in drag to distract soldiers, while two PCs infiltrate a secret base in the mountains...

I didn't realize I was running Over The Edge, but it was going in very strange directions. Fortunately, no flash-bang grenades were deployed, but it was a near thing.

We used the hacking rules. The player running the hacker had the rules down pat, knew that he needed line shunts and a remote connection link. He didn't know that the ventilation system computer was not connected to the main base computer (I can't make it easy for them, right?). But overall, very slick, and the player had everything under control.

Also, I would heartily recommend GMs use the Reaction Roll (2d6) whenever possible. It makes for refreshing surprises. Hospitable locals willing to listen to missionaries!

Riccardo Caverni

Reaction roll is a MUST, I totally agree with you. Good game!

Daniel O'Hare

Its funny. Ive never actually used the reaction role rules in any game ive run regardless of system. I really should consider that mext time.

Calum M

The reaction roll is indispensable in my games. Not only is it fun and a great reason to favour charisma, it is the mechanic which saves the DM from accusations of being out to get the players.