Johannes Bretscher
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Hello all.
I have again made some improvements to my hexagonal hexmap tool. This time it is:

- Enabled the single planet per hex option. The button was there before, but disabled. Now the tool can make sure there is maximal one planet per hex, as the rules recommend. You can always add further planets later. Of course this only works as long as there are more hexes than requested planets. But that should not be a problem for most groups.

- Also I changed the visuals for the hex map a little bit. Let me know if you like it. Or see any difference at all.

- The search path for data files (just one yet) has been extended a bit. Not sure if I keep that as final, but right now it is:
Plus maybe some more, depending on your system configuration.
Swyrtr is the name of a conworld I created some years ago. It turned out to be pretty unique, so I continue to use it whenever I need to make a distinction between "my stuff" and "everything else".
I do not have made an installer yet. Does anyone think, a installer might be more useful than complicating things?

I tried to make print available. But hat to recognize, that while Qt (The tool I use) has many strong points, print layout and printing is not among those. At this moment I am inclined to do a TeX output instead of a direct print. Only, not everyone might know, what to do with a TeX file?

Also I thought to externalize more data so the user can for example customize the available tags for planets. Up to now saves of old versions have always been usable with new versions. Externalizing data could changes that, since many things are saved by number, not name.
Would it still be worth it?

As always, tested on Linux Mint.
App Image:
Code: Ask me.