Mason Munden
▶ Godbound

I'd like to request some rules clarification, +Kevin Crawford . I apologize for the inconvenience, but on page 177 I can find the following passage:

"Next, the crafter decides how many points of Effort the artifact is to store. The wielder of the artifact can use this Effort to fuel the gifts it contains. All Effort the artifact commits is for the day, and the gifts it triggers don't last longer than a scene. Artifacts regain committed Effort at dawn each day. An artifact can contain no more Effort than half the creator's level, rounded up. Barring some rare power, an artifact's wielder cannot use their own Effort to fuel its gifts."

The portion: "...and the gifts it triggers don't last longer than a scene." is causing some confusion with my group. The Etheric Node artifact on page 178's Greater Gift: "Rectification of Names" seems like it defies this rule, or guideline as that effect would certainly persist (with an active emanation) longer than a scene.

City Seed's 'Birth of the Metropolis' on the other hand seems as though it uses natural processes to construct something which would persist beyond the duration of the ability.