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Ancalia game.
I'm not sure if I'm missing anything, but is there a reason why the Shackled Court is the only faction-ized Uncreated Court? Or perhaps I missed them in the book somewhere? Is it just assumed you will use them as a template to convert the other courts, or is it specifically not intended for you to do so?

Marshall Brengle


ZealousChristian 24

The Shackled don’t really get a write-up, but the city of Bakare does because it’s a legitimate settlement ruled by the Uncreated, as opposed to the other dens of the Uncreated Lords, which seem to mostly serve as lairs rather than Factions.

Kevin Crawford

GM's choice, but they're really the only court that has enough interest in actual coherent group action to be anything like a Faction, as opposed to just an ambient hazard.