Jason Abdin
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I could use some help from you folks in regards to An Echo Resounding, Kevin Crawford's fantasy book for domain-play. I'm having trouble understanding some of the specific mechanics. I'm not getting exactly how adding values and subtracting upkeep work. Perhaps someone could point me towards an actual play or an in-depth example of several Domain turns. Otherwise, assistance with my own example would be a lot of help:

I've got a small village, we'll call it Timbervale, that's been helped out quite a bit by adventurers. The village has the Survivor trait and Strong Society activity. Here's my current values with those items in place: Military 2, Wealth 2, Social 4. In addition, the adventurers have assisted them in clearing out a good portion of the forest from goblins, opening up a Good Timber resource. This gives the village an additional +2 Wealth, so we're sitting at M2, W4, S4. One of the adventurers that helped the village so much was a cleric of Olus, the Smiling One, so now the village wants to build a Shrine to Olus. They spend a couple domain turns making the checks for the Shrine and succeeding, so now they lay down the Shrine. The Shrine is Social 2.

According to the small sample domain play in the book, my understanding, after spending a couple turns building the Shrine, is that our Social score will increase by 2, giving us totals of Military 2, Wealth 4, Social 6. This would also increase our social modifier to +1, while the others remain 0. At this point, the only cost to the players is the time taken to build the shrine, is this correct?

Continuing on, the players want to convert the Shrine into a Temple. This is where it gets a little confusing to me. The Temple is Wealth -1, and Social 4. The players will spend the turns building the temple and now their new values are Military 2, Wealth 1/4, and Social 10? Firstly, am I denoting the Wealth score properly? The sample domains at the end of the book lead me to believe I'm actually supposed to subtract the Wealth of the temple (the cost?) from my values, which would actually make it Wealth 3, but I'm currently assuming Wealth 1/4 to denote upkeep, which is also how I assume all of the units on pg 48 work where it lists their upkeep cost. Secondly, when increasing the Social by 4 (from the Temple), do I keep the bonus of Social 2 from the Shrine or does that disappear now that I've build the Temple? So, instead of Social 10 like I'm assuming, it would actually be Social 8?

Lastly, I want to recruit and train some Longbowmen which have an upkeep of 2M, 1W, and 1S. Assuming values of Military 2, Wealth 1/4, and Social 10, the Longbowmen, once trained, put me at Military 2/2, Wealth 2/4, and Social 1/10? This also means my modifier for Social is +1, and +0 for the others?

I think I'm on the right track, but I was having a lot of trouble properly adding up the values based on all the assets for the sample domains toward the end of the book. The values all seem very low to me, which made me think that I'm supposed to subtract values at some point, but can't figure out where. So, thank you so much for any help from you fine folks.

Mason Munden

I just bought this book, but haven't had time to digest it yet. So sorry. Best luck.

Dave Sherohman

At first glance, that all looks right to me except that the Temple replaces the Shrine, so you'd only be Social 8. (p.44: "Assets with a level higher than 1 can only be built if an asset of a level one less is already present, and the building consumes the lesser asset. ")