Serf McSerfington
▶ Stars Without Number

Just ran my first session of Stars Without Number. Session 0 was a little bit of character creation and then we got right into the game.

Our cast of characters:
Alys Valen (Expert/Warrior): Ship mechanic and hacker
Magnus Zhao (Psychic/Warrior): Former soldier for an imperial power and ship problem-solver
Overdose (Psychic): Ex-child soldier and psychic healer acting as the ship's medic.

The characters are the crew of a small free merchant vessel captained by Marcos Kyrkos, an older easygoing trader. They set down on Sata Son, a planet ruled by a class of psychic elites who are worshiped as gods called the Mantira and served by an empowered caste of administrators and assistants, the Kalaraka. While there, Magnus and OD admitted to being psychics and were treated like visiting royalty while Alys and Captain Kyrkos were taken to get paid.

During these separate scents, Magnus and OD ate a meal with the Mantira elites and watched them all receive an injection from their Kalaraka assistants while Alys was witness to an apparent car bombing and invasion of the planetary government building they were in. During the ensuing chaos, the Mantira departed to provide assistance with Magnus and OD in tow. Alys hacked into the building's computer system and provided overwatch for the government forces. They witness the attackers have their own psychic use a metapsionic ability to knock a telekinetic out of the sky before they made their escape.

Now the characters are grounded while the government deals with these apparent rebel forces and Alys has received a mysterious proposition from the rebel leader, which the crew will discuss next week.

Overall it was kinda a slow session, but it is a brand-new system for all of us and I think it was important to get everything on the table and introduce all the characters and the world. I fully expect things to go gloriously sideways next week.