Isaac Carroll
▶ Godbound

Here is the final draft of my Cultist Simulator inspired Low Magic tradition for cultists of Lantern or Knock.

The Illuminated Path

The occult science of enlightenment and the opening of ways.

Apprentice: Understand the meaning of any language or symbol. Convey meaning to any conscious entity, matching the mode of communication it uses.

Adept: Perceive things hidden by mundane means. Open any mundane portal, lock, or fastening. Remove or bypass Low Magic barriers or seals.

Master: Cause an object to give light of any intensity up to the brightness of a sunny day. The light reveals illusions and enchantments, causes up to 1d6 damage per round to creatures of darkness such as undead, and gives beings in the light up to a -4 penalty to hit due to dazzled sight.

Archmage: Create an opening, doorway, or path between two nearby locations. The opened way appears unremarkable to a cursory examination. Touch attack to open a wound in a target, doing 2d6 damage.