Anton .Shami
▶ Godbound
2018-01-12T00:26:35.005Z would you handle a player with the word of sorcery trying to create a new school of low Magic for his followers that could then be learned by human Mages. I think that, since this should not be restricted to a certain area, it needs to be a global task but i am struggling a bit with the difficulty modifier.

Kevin Crawford

You can do a new Low Magic school the same way you do a new species or innate magical gift. You decide whether it's limited by geography or by numbers. If it's limited by geography, then it only works in a particular region, but any number of people can learn it and use it in that region. The price for it is based on how big the region is. If it's limited by numbers, then it only works for X practitioners at a time- only that many people have the knack for it or the potential to learn it- but they can use it anywhere. The price there is based on how big the potential user pool is, either a village worth of practitioners, a city's worth, or a province's worth.