Michael Blank
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I had a thought for an adventure seed that, oddly, could work for Godbound, Silent Legions or Stars Without Number. It is really only a hook, but one that would have me wanting to play it out.

A multiple murder is found (maybe in an in, a derelict ship or a train sleeper car). The victims all appear to be the same person. Initially thought to be siblings or clones, examination shows they all have similar scars.

Added complication, if desired, they are either a PC or a friend/enemy of a PC. If an enemy, have the identifying scar be one that the PC gave them.

They are clones who have all been doctored to look like the same person for a nefarious reason.

They are multiple bodies generated for someone to transfer minds as insurance.

If an enemy/friend, the PCs may need to find out if one of them is the original.

Could it be echos of multiple realities?

Silent Legions- could this be the effects of some dark spell or ritual? If it is the PC, is it a spell they cast or one they are going to cast?

PS- yes, Orphan Black was part of the inspiration here, but I then thought of all the avenues it would go and what a police procedural would do with it.