Vlad Tin
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Need some comments on this:
"Great enemies should always have at least one Word bound, or some ability that lets them dispel Godbound gifts defensively. Otherwise, they can easily get swamped by a volley of Divine Wrath gifts launched by a pantheon."

If I understood right, when we make enemies, we pick some Gifts for them just mechanically. In terms of the game/fluff, such enemies aren't bound with any Word and don't have Divine Gifts, they just have some abilities which mimic effects of Divine Powers. So, it's kinda low magic or supernatural abilities.

Here's the question:
1) defensive gifts always stronger than offensive
2) divine powers always stronger than low magic
3) how non-Godbound enemies can use defensive abilities or dispel gifts to avoid supernatural divine gifts, if the Godbound gifts are always stronger than mortal magic?

Vlad Tin

+Kevin Crawford ?

Kevin Crawford

An enemy who is Word-bound may not be Word-bound the same way Godbound are, but their powers, whatever the source they come from, are equivalent to divine magic.