Rebecca Ashling
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It's interesting that certain techonologies (virtual intelligences, grails and soul transference) are tied to local metadimensional conditions. Would I be right in thinking that Shadows and magic flourish under the same kinds of metadimensional conditions as the aforementioned technologies?

Nik May

They do in my games. I'd allow magical transhumanism to also exist, if anyone wanted to research it.


While there's no mention on whether they're the same exact type of metadimensional conditions, free Shadows are explicitly called out as often arising from local metadimensional conditions, there are a couple of spells that make vague reference to such things, and how well arcanotech works in a given sector is tied to it's metadimensional conditions.

Dave Sherohman

I would say no. They are independent.

From an in-game perspective, this is because I see no reason why machine sapience would be tied to the ability to toss fireballs from your fingertips.

From a meta-game perspective, it's obvious to me that "tied to local metadimensional conditions" means "some GMs may want to allow this in their games, while other GMs may not", and it's very easy to imagine a GM who wants to run a sci-fi game including all the transhumanist bells and whistles, but no space magicians, or vice-versa.