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Just a reminder to those who missed Gamehole Con, and to those who will be suffering post-con withdrawal after leaving Gamehole, the inaugural Hobbsapalooza online convention will be running throughout the weekend of Friday, November 30th to Sunday, December 2nd (in only two weeks time)!

So far, there are games being run by the one-and-only Hobbsgoblin himself, +Jason Hobbs (running his legendary Kalmatta B/X game), Karl "the King" Rodriguez (running an epic post-apocalyptic game using Stars Without Number and Other Dust), Aron "All-Star" Clark (running the narrative-based swords & sorcery game, Swords Without Master), and yours truly, Kevin "the Organizer" Madison (running a Stars Without Number session set in the world of Bungie's Destiny video games and a session of Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea).

It costs nothing to participate in the con, you just need to sign up and then show up!

If you want to get your gaming fix in before the run-up to the December holidays start, please join us for the online gaming glory by signing up on the Player Sign up sheet, below.

Also, if you want to run something at Hobbsapalooza, just add your name and game to the DM Tab and we will try to round up players for you!

Have a great weekend, all, and I hope to see you at the Hobbsapalooza Extravaganza!