Anton .Shami
▶ Godbound

Sooo one question about creating did you guys stat the greater undead a Godbound of Death can create with "Pale crown beckons"? It seems that one of the main "things" of death should be to easily generate minions for the whole necromancer vibe.

Also, the gifts that are given to 8 Dominion they have to be from a word of the creator or would you give the players leeway as long as abilities fit the set? Like an death gb trying to create a deathknight type beeing with one or two sword gifts.

Mason Munden

So; for the first question, stats are provided later on in the Foes of Heaven section.
• HD = 2 x level
• To-Hit = HD + 1
• Saves = 16 - (HD/2, rounded down)
• Speed = Usually 30', but 40' at 4 HD, and 60 from 5+, depending.
• AC = 9 or less; depending on GM/player decision
• Damage = Depends on GM/player decision
• No. of Attacks = Depends on GM/player decision

I don't believe that A Pale Crown Beckons would create Greater Undead with Gifts; however, 8 dominion minions would be able to get whatever gifts are suitable for the form that they have.