Isaac Carroll
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Here is my first draft of a Low Magic tradition for cultists of the principles of Knock and Lantern from Cultist Simulator. Please let me know what you think, especially with regard to making sure its power level is commensurate with that of other Low Magic traditions.

The Illuminated Path

The occult science of enlightenment and opening of ways.

Apprentice: Can understand the meaning of any language or symbol. Can convey meaning to any conscious entity, matching the mode of communication it uses.

Adept: Can perceive things hidden by mundane means. Can open any mundane portal, lock, or fastening. Can remove or bypass Low Magic barriers or seals.

Master: As a touch action, can cause a single item at a time to give light of any intensity up to the brightness of a sunny day. This light reveals illusions and enchantments, causes up to 1d10 damage per round to creatures of darkness such as undead, and gives beings in the light up to a -4 penalty to hit due to dazzled sight.

Archmage: As an action, can commit effort to create or remove an opening, doorway, or path between two well-known locations. The far side of a wall or barrier typically counts as well-known if the near side does. If the opening could be natural, it is permanent and the effort is reclaimed at the end of the action. If the opening could not be natural (eg, a doorway that leads to a location miles away) then it lasts as long as effort remains committed. The opening appears natural to a cursory examination. This can be used as a touch attack to open a wound in a target, doing 2d10 damage; or as a healing touch, closing wounds to cure 1d6 physical damage. This healing can only be performed once per target unless the target suffers further wounds.

Isaac Carroll

Thanks to +Matthew Skail for the feedback.

Master will do 1d6 damage per round to creatures of darkness.

Archmage touch attack will do 2d6 damage.

Archmage opening a way needs to be seriously nerfed since as written it surpasses the Word of Journeying. Perhaps requiring two Archmages to commit effort while together, then travel to the endpoints of the path and maintain committed effort there to keep the path open. Something like that at least. Possibly a hard upper limit to the range. Or maybe just dispense with supernatural paths altogether.

I need to put in something about how long the abilities take to perform. Still needs some thought, but possibly will work like Theurgic Invocations.