Ruka Boop
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Apologies if this was already brought up before, but I was interested in converting the setting of Fragged Empire for Stars Without Number. But there's a hurdle I'm trying to address and I could use some input!

So in Fragged Empire, humans are extinct. All of the playable races descend from them in some way, however, so they're not too alien in appearance or outlook (with some exceptions: the Zhou, for example, are living bioweapons and are basically a blob of sentient bacterium). So there's no "common" or "default" race.

In the beta draft for SWN, aliens are represented by foci, but that's only from the assumption that humans are both the default and exist at all. What I want to do is, instead of figure out what bonuses to attributes all of the different races get or all of the special racial abilities to port over, is to just give each race one or two unique abilities to them. What do you guys think? Any other input or comments?

T.S. Kilgriff

You should probably focus more on starting skills or traits as opposed to significant attribute boosts.
And besides yellow patchy skin, Corp are definitely near-human as to be indistinct. So you could build from there.