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So I'm finally comfortable low-key announcing this. I spent months experimenting with what to do for a new version of Kaigaku. After a lot of deliberation, I finally arrived at the Stars Without Number Revised Edition Rules.

This is an OSR game. SO is the first edition. Since 1E runs on basic Black Hack rules, I can make all future content compatible with both editions.

I'll be uploading playtest rules to Drivethru any time between tomorrow and the next week.

The playtest rules aren't going to be the full game. Since SWN Revised is available for free, I'm comfortable releasing just the changes and brand new Techniques (Foci) and equipment. You'll be able to run the whole game with these.

There are literally dozens of new Foci coming. To better fit in with the environment of Kaigaku, they're called Techniques. But they're compatible with the base game, so you get a lot more options for even your regular SWN games!