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Two Stars Without Number bundles are now up at Bundle of Holding, for those curious about some supplements they may not have gotten yet.

The More Stars Without Number bundle includes SWN: Revised, Other Dust, the SWN:R GM Screen, and has a bonus collection of Starvation Cheap, Dead Names, Sixteen Stars, and Polychrome, all cheap and easy to add to your collection, all at

The SWN Classic bundle is a revival of the 2013 BoH offer, with SWN 1st Edition rules, Skyward Steel, and Hard Light in the main bundle and a bonus collection with Suns of Gold, Engines of Babylon, Relics of the Lost, and Darkness Visible, available at

These two bundles meld nicely, as everything in one is usable with everything in the other. I wrote SWN: Revised to be backward compatible with all my existing supplements, and even readers not necessarily keen on SWN's mechanics can get hours of usefulness from the system-neutral GM tools in these books.

More Stars Without Number

(Looking for our other offers? Castle Oldskull -- Lone Wolf Adventure Game -- SWN Classic ). Adventurer! This More Stars Bundle presents the Stars Without Number Revised Edition tabletop roleplaying game and recent supplements from Sine Nomine Publishing. This offer, a high-flying companion to ...

Michaƫl DE BONA

Nice to see another bundle with new books. :)