Aslan Reed
▶ Godbound

Lich King states that "A Lich King is dead,...". Does that mean that a Godbound with Lich King can be targeted by effects such as White Bone Harvest or the innate effect of the Death word?

Samuel S. (GottJammern)

Interesting... RAW I would say they can be targeted by effects that affect the undead. Since Godbound always count as Worthy Foes, they can save vs the Death Intrinsic and burn Effort to auto-succeed.
White Bone Harvest would do the damage listed I guess, though I'm not sure how an NPC would do damage against a PC using that Gift. Since an NPC would use HD and have much more than a Godbound, I'm not sure how damage would compute.

Kevin Crawford

Undead is undead, but the Monster chapter has notes on capping the effects of high-HD opponents using XdLevel gifts.