Brandon Perry
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Quick question for my fellow Stars Without Number GMs--I can't recall if it says anywhere in the Faction section what an "action" actually is.

The book says, on page 213, "A faction can only take one type of action per round, but they can perform that action on as many worlds as they wish. A faction that selects the Attack action, for example, can launch attacks on multiple worlds, while one that selects the Use Asset Ability action can use the special abilities of any or all assets they possess."

So I know that factions can do the same kind of action with multiple assets (such as attacks), but I'm confused about one thing in particular.

When an asset's special ability says "As an action, [DO THE THING]," does that phrasing "as an action" mean that the special ability occupies a faction's entire turn, or is it just terminology for doing a specific "Use a Special Ability" action that can be done multiple times with other Special Ability assets?


You're looking for "Use Asset Ability" (Page 215), which lets you use any number of Assets' abilities.