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I'm thinking about a Worm/Godbound fanfic. Here are the stats for Taylor Hebert aka Skitter:

Taylor "Skitter" Hebert

1st Level Godbound

STR: 8 (-1/13)
DEX: 13 (+1/8)
CON: 16 (+2/5)
WIS: 14 (+1/7)
INT: 16  (+2/5)
CHA: 16 (+2/5)

HP: 10  AC:4 (Spidersilk suit, base AC5, no save penalties)
Saves: All at 13
Effort: 2 Influence: 2
Weapon: baton (+2 attack, 1d6+1 damage)
Fray: 1d8

Bound Words (Gifts): Command (Know The Inner Truth), Endurance (Amaranth Vitality, Untiring Inspiration*), Insects (Call The Swarm*,  Flesh Of The Many, Verminous Venom)

*Gifts that Skitter is aware of. She believes her self to be a bug-controlling parahuman so views her Godbound powers through that lens. Untiring Inspiration has been used on spiders to make things out of spider silk without having to keep them fed.


1) Taylor is the daughter of a college professor mother and a trade union administrator father and lives in the New England city of Brockton Bay. Her mother died in a car crash two years ago and her father is deep in  depression.

2) Taylor is a 15 year-old high school student. Taylor has been bullied by a trio of girls which includes her former best friend. This culminated in being shut in a locker full of biological waste for several hours. Taylor believed she triggered as a parahuman due to this (actually she became Godbound). Taylor is distrustful of authority due to the callous indifference of most of the school staff  and , though she would deny this, her father being ineffectual. Her best class is computer science.

3) Taylor has fallen in with a gang of supervillains, the Undersiders who work for an unknown patron. She is supposedly working undercover to betray the Undersiders to the local branch of the Protectorate, a national superhero LEO. Her contact in the Protectorate is Armsmaster who distrusts her. Lung, leader of the ABB, a local gang, hates her.

Isaac Carroll

Sounds awesome!

What's the world like? It sounds like parahumans are a known thing. Are they actually all emerging Godbound, or is Taylor/Skitter a special case? Are parahumans a recent phenomenon, or have they always been around?

What is Worm? I don't think I've heard of it before.

Rebecca Ashling

+Isaac Carroll In this continuity, the Godbound have been around as lonɡ as parahumans but are much, much rarer. The Endbrinɡers, especially the Simurɡh, tarɡet them so the Godbound have, so far, had very little effect on Earth-Bet.

Rebecca Ashling

Worm is a web novel by Wildbow. It's main protaɡonist is Taylor Hebert, a wannabe superhero who becomes a feared supervillain and warlord as her moral compass erodes throuɡh doinɡ the wronɡ thinɡs for the riɡht reasons.

Rebecca Ashling

Rebecca Ashling

Be warned, Worm is about 1.5 million words lonɡ.

Moritz Lohmann

If you do not like to be a Godbound/Halve-god, try the Mortal Hero Rules, and count tech stuff as magical item or artifacts (with gifts and so on). In the new book, is a Concept Word called 'Peak Human', perfect for any mostly human superhero campaign.