Wright Johnson
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What are some tips and best practices for smoothly converting fantasy adventures to work with SWN Revised? I have some theories, but for the sake of argument, assume I am utterly clueless.

Also note that I’m not running an active campaign. This is meant more as a discussion question than a request for specific advice.

Kevin Crawford

Magic translates to super-science. Magic items translate to pretech artifacts. If an adventure has a point that explicitly assumes PC spellcasting access a la D&D, then you're going to have to adjust that. Monster stat ranges work fine if they're on an AD&D/BECMI/B/X scale, but need to be dialed down somewhat on hit points for 2e D&D and substantially on hit points and high-end damage on 3.x. Combats need to be eyed somewhat, keeping in mind that SWN PCs don't have access to cheap, heavy area effects like Fireball or Sleep, but usually have substantially superior baseline firepower than early-edition D&D PCs. Thus, single foes will be less intimidating, and large groups of mooks will be more dangerous.