Adam B.
▶ Godbound

Now that I've got characters hitting higher levels in my campaign I noticed something that I wanted to check on in regards to NPC Health.

So the standard formula in the book for estimating health for a threat made to challenge a pantheon is 10 + (2* sum of PC levels).

EX: now reaching lvl 6, I can expect my 4 players to be ready for something with around 58HD
10+ (2*(6*4)

The thing I noticed is, even with the Made Gods and top tier Uncreated in the various books I've never seen an NPC with HD over 50. Is that meant to be a cap for mechanical/speed purposes, or just as high as the examples in the books show?

Kevin Crawford

The examples in the book are balanced somewhat toward the glass-cannon end of the scale, with hard-hitting powers. The general guidelines are meant to be somewhat more forgiving, with less damage and more beef, since GMs probably don't have a lot of experience calibrating Godbound damage throughput.

Lord Darkview

In addition, not all 50 HD enemies are equal (an Angelic Tyrant is not even close to as powerful as a Made God).