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Sooo...long time lurker here.

Has anyone here had any interesting experiences handeling large Scale wars, possibly involving several Nations, in Godbound? Some Background...

I am currently in the middle of a Campaign with a group that decided they want to go for ambitious and evil characters and so they made 4 Members of an extremly ambitious Patrian Patrician family that ascended to godhood mostly by accident.

By now they have more or less taken over Patria, winning over large Parts of the Legions, firmly establishing their own Religion and, in the best Roman tradition, having invaded the Capital with their own army. They have, however, killed most of the Heads of the Unitary Church and outlawed any faith but their own new state religion....heresy beeing punishable by death.

Just to drive home the kind of Characters my group made, they solved the "Problem" of Patrias Slaves (with all the tourmoil there was naturally an Uprising lead by a prophetic, Joan of Arcesque Figure who ultimatly turned out to be an angelic Regent) by using a Nation wide Command Dominion Change to make Patrians slaves literally incapable of disobeying their masters orders.

My Players have more or less confirmed that their endgoal is to bring all of Arcem into their lovely new militarist Theocracy. At the pace they are going, any sensible Nation around them will soon start getting the jitters. At the very latest when they have completet their current Questruns to raise a special Legion of Drauger Style Greater Undead legionarys. It is rather likely that there will be a lot of large, World Scale military conflict in my Campaign with my Players finding themselves violently at odds with several of Patrias neighbours at once.

Has anyone done anything similar?

Marshall Brengle


Marshall Brengle

I'd be inclined to handle a lot of this with the Faction mechanics. How different nations are marshaling forces, fortifying supply lines, etc.

If/when it actually comes to open warfare, I'd run the combats like a movie, where the protags have specific missions to run (like kill the enemy Eldritch general) and the clash of armies is more or less scenery.

Then the outcomes of those missions inform the next Faction turn.

Samuel S. (GottJammern)

I'm sure you could reskin the mobs to fulfill this role. The small mob could be a squad, medium platoon and large one a company.
I don't think this would help for truly massive battles with many tens of thousands of troops, but at that point tactics can outweigh numbers.
I agree with what Marshall said about those massive battles. They wouldn't really happen that often and would be a turning point in any way which strikes me as perfect for "mission objective" style play.