David Bartram
▶ Godbound

I'm hoping to lure my pantheon to Hell. Any suggestions for what might be found in an angelic fortress? I'm picturing the Fortress of Tartaros, sitting astride Phlegethon, the river of fire. It is ruled by the cruel Angels of Torment and beseiged by an army of liberated hell-shades fighting under Sammael, the rightful Warden of Hell who is trying to cast out the evil angels. If Sammael's angels call on the pantheon for aid, what might make the Fortress an interesting place for the Godbound to visit?

Blake Hutchins

Components of etheric engines or rare parts for the Godwalkers in the game. Other rare artifacts, or a soul in the fortress who holds a secret key to Heaven. Basically, just hint at a few things the pantheon might want to acquire or learn, either for themselves or as a bargaining chip for their negotiation with another being of power. Give them a reason to want to crack that nut.