Matthew Skail
▶ Godbound

Do the undead/husks in Ancalia operate with normal senses? For example, do they hunt by sight and are they effected by the Sunlight Gift that gives your an AC 3 versus creatures needing sight to attack you?

Or do they use scent or life-sense or some other power to hunt with?

Marshall Brengle

My first inclination is to say they’re driven more by the unholy magic that created them than biology

David Bartram

I'm leery of penetrating AC gifts without a really great reason. Normal undead I assume have a version of sight that can be blinded, or recoil from the holy light of the Word. I only negate the AC in the case of eyeless worms that sense by tremorsense and the like. Including some Relicts from a broken realm where seeing sunlight poisons you. Stuff like that.