Mjol Asgard
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I'm pondering a campaign set in Nezdovha, starting in the city of Rakovka. I have several threads for trying to get the characters involved in mechanical Boyar's intrigues and the rebellion against them. However, when it comes to mechanical Boyars themselves, I'm a bit worried they'll either be cake-walks or too powerful.

The description of them states that they can easily defeat 10 men, which by my estimation means they have at least 5HD each. They have metal skin which should be AC3ish (going off the cybernetics rules). The Autocossaks are greatly feared, meaning that they are strong combatants...

In short, I feel like the Boyars are akin to heroes with access to words now and then. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? How would other people represent them?

Michael Guerra

I'm OSR so I say stat them as such, demonstrate their strength to the players (alluding to, "splitting that beam would have been hard for you Steve, and you have the strength word!") and the danger of facing a group of them directly, and let the characters figure out how to solve the problem. They might surprise you as they spend influence to undermine the repair and upkeep facilities, raise and army of thier own mechanical warriors, or destroy the city with an earthquake. At the end of the day I'd see how they are going to deal with how you describe your monstrosity reather than how you stat it.

Bob Something

Stat them as they should be: 'power level' in Godbound is a pretty wonky thing and dependent on situation, as one group may have gifts which make taking on something such as the Autocossack (or anything) either a walk in the park or a dangerous and tense battle.

I'd say making these things on par with a 'hero' is a fairly accurate representation of their implied power. Don't forget that for younger and weaker Godbound, getting swarmed by powerful foes smart enough to gang up is and should be presented as a genuine concern for their safety. This also mean that it open up more cunning and trickster-esque Godbound to try to set up moments where they are more isolated and vulnerable to struck down.