Kyle Greene
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So, this question is for Heroic SWN in particular, but might be applicable for the other games that use the same "PCs do damage in terms of Hit Dice" system.

When something is listed in terms of HP, and not hit dice, how do you handle that for your heroic PCs?

In particular, I am looking at the Revenant Wiring Cyberware for the underlings of a Gene/cyber cult, which says it takes 25 HP worth of damage to destroy.
My initial thoughts are either to A) use the average for the HD (so 3.5 in SWN) and divide by that, getting 7 HD (24.5 HP on average) or B) use the maximum value of the HD (6) and divide by that, getting 4 HD
But I am interested to see what other people do in these cases,

Nik May

I believe +Kevin Crawford has previously suggested dividing the Hitpoints by 4.5