Omari Brooks
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I want to pick people's brains on building a teleportation network.

So lets say Godbound of Artifice erects a physical transportation gate in the Raktine Confederacy that allows near instantaneous travel to a similar gate erected in Vissio.

What kind of rulings would you make as far as calculating dominion costs?

I'm not sure if the entire network needs to be considered as a single unit or if each gate has it's own considerations. And with the possibility of additional gate connections...

Marshall Brengle


Jacob Tydings

I'd say that each gate would likely have its own cost (probably with celestial shards for each or a larger cost for the network as a whole). Perhaps you'd need to build a Nexus to allow said transport, then smaller Dominion costs for each gate. It's definitely Impossible though.

Moritz Lohmann

My personal idea is a couple of artifacts with the spell/invocation of the way: "Path to the Bright Sanctum" (p.65), the dominion costs of an invocation in an artifact is like it's the gift from sorcery. Adept of the Way is a greater gift so is its invocations in costs, you need a couple of Effort points (as many as you thing it will be needed per day), too. Or you have a sorcerer guild of some sort and every sorcerer get this invocation (problem is that usually mortal sorcerers don't get to "The Way"-Level).
If you have figured it out with your GM, than you should create something like a central hub, a place were the guild works... Every gate needs two casters (be it through artifact-binding or arcane knowledge) one has coordinate A as their sanctum and the other has coordinate B.
Down that road... A little stranger idea is that you create Gate-People/-Beasts, as pairs, supernatural beings that can create the effects of that invocation as racial gift/curse.
There are some other invocation too, if it is not the same realm, it could be a invocation to open a Night Road or to create one, that is a invocation of "The Throne".
You need for this to work a Godbound with the Word of Sorcery!

btw: 11 min are like 66 combat rounds.