Lance Johnson
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I’m fairly new to GM’ing Godbound and I wanted to get some opinions on a Word I'm trying to craft: Order. I’m still getting used to the system and have no real idea how the Words are balanced, so I may have the balance of the Word off by quite a lot. I also haven’t really thought of good names for the Gifts so I’ve just stuck with the basic Order theme. I value all opinions and suggestions!

Word of Order
Every realm is a place of Order – the rules that guide every facet of existence, from whether electricity works to which direction gravity pulls, or what gases compose the atmosphere. In Arcem, Order is breaking down as the celestial engines of Heaven continue to decay. A Godbound who binds this Word is intimately aware of not only the local laws that are currently functioning, but is also aware of what the laws should be. What they choose to do with this knowledge is, of course, up to them, and can be as potentially catastrophic as it can be beneficent.
Note: This Word is both a work in progress and potentially game-imbalancing. Consider carefully before allowing it to be used by a PC.
Heroes with the Word of Order can innately sense the (non-societal) Facts of a 10-mile diameter area centered on themselves without effort, and can extend this distance to a 100-mile diameter area centered on themselves if they concentrate (using an action if in combat, and precluding the use of other concentration-based Gifts while this ability is in use), and they always know what the Laws of Heaven originally had put in place for the area being sensed. They may increase their Wisdom to 16, or to 18 if it’s already 16 or higher, and have an invincible defense against effects caused by Fact changes resulting from the use of Theurgy, Influence, Dominon, or the breakdown of celestial engines.

Lesser Gifts

The Sight of Order On Turn
Commit Effort. While the Effort remains committed, any object or creature within line of sight that has been afflicted with unnatural changes becomes visible to the user of the Gift, appearing as if surrounded by an attention-getting glow. For each round the user concentrates on a single subject while this Gift is active, they can discern a Fact about that subject related to their natural form and behavior (where applicable) and current capabilities and form, but cannot determine changes due to societal pressures or shifts, nor can they read a being’s mind. For example, concentrating on a Misbegotten creature can reveal what kind of creature it began life as, that its current behavior will be harmful without the use of Gifts or Miracles, or even specific vulnerabilities and powers of the Misbegotten thing. Similarly, an object or creature that has been created through Theurgy, Words, Influence or Dominion will appear different from its surroundings, standing out in such a way that the user of this Gift can’t miss it. 

The Touch of Order Action
Commit Effort and select one Fact of a single lesser foe, non-artifact object, or 100-foot diameter area centered on the user of the Gift. While the effort remains committed, that Fact is changed to a different but related Fact of the user’s choice. For example, a shark that has gained the power to swim through, and breathe, the air as if it were water could have the ability to swim through the air changed to being able to swim through earth, or even reverted back to swimming in water, causing it to fall from the sky and potentially die. Similarly, an area around the user of this Gift could have its gravity negated, or the direction of its pull changed, or the air changed to water or methane, and so on. An anvil could be made to float in water in defiance of natural law, or a drop of water made to be as heavy as a boulder. This Gift can only affect a single Fact of a single target per use, though the Effort can remain committed with each use to change multiple Facts and sustain those changes. As noted above, this Gift cannot affect worthy foes or artifacts, but could temporarily change one of its magical powers into something different, which might be either useless or even potentially harmful to the wielder.

The Dissolution of Order Action
Commit Effort for the scene. A single object or lesser foe of no larger size than an elephant, chosen by the user of this Gift, vanishes utterly from the world as if it had never existed. Alternately, a 10-foot diameter area can be struck clean of Facts, creating a hemispherical zone in which nothing can live (due to a lack of warmth, air to breathe, or air pressure), where there is neither gravity or light, and which is immune to the touch of Theurgy, Low Magic, Words, Influence or Dominion. This space can be entered or exited, but anything passing through it takes 1d10 damage as the utter void tears at their existence. At the end of the scene, the effect vanishes, restoring the object or creature to the world as if nothing had ever happened to them. The area affected by this power will return to normal, but any living thing or object that was destroyed by the void is gone without a trace, forever.

The Presence of Order Constant
The Godbound’s companions (up to 12 people) also benefit from the Godbound’s immunity to harmful Facts resulting from the breakdown of natural laws, Theurgy, Influence or Dominion. Commit Effort for the day to convey this effect to all allies within 100 feet of the user of this Gift for a scene. 

The Reiteration of Order On Turn
Commit Effort for the scene to replicate any non-artifact object or non-sentient creature no larger than a wagon that would qualify as a lesser foe. It is a perfect duplicate, with all Facts affecting the original object (including Low Magic but not Theurgy), and is only distinguishable from the original by someone using The Sight of Order, or by the one who used this Gift to create the duplicate object. The object so created is permanent.

The Revelation of Order On Turn
Commit Effort and select a target area of up to a 10-foot diameter, or an object or creature no larger than a wagon. Until the Effort is reclaimed, the target is impossible to conceal from the user of this Gift, and everything that occurs within ten feet of the creature or object, or within the target area, is known to the user of this Gift. Additionally, creatures can’t deceive the user of this Gift through word, deed, or the lack of either. Finally, while this Gift is in use, the user of this Gift can affect the target as if it always has a Fact that gives it a penalty (-4) to whatever is being attempted. Lesser foes can’t resist this Gift; Worthy foes get a Spirit save to resist. 

Greater Gifts

The Restoration of Order On Turn
Commit Effort for the day. Choose one Fact change inflicted through the breakdown of Divine Law, Theurgy, Influence, or Dominion, either to a creature, an object, or a 100-foot diameter area, and negate that change entirely, restoring that Fact to the original state imposed by Heaven for one month. This is always a temporary change, however, and the negation of the Fact change will be felt by the being that made the change when applicable. Only Dominion can make such a reversion permanent (until further celestial engine decay causes more changes), though Influence can be spent to sustain the reversion so long as the Influence remains committed.

The Rule of Order Action
Commit Effort. While this Effort remains committed, impose a new Fact upon a creature, object no larger than a sailing ship, or area no larger than 100-foot diameter. Unlike other Gifts of this Word, this Fact does not need to be related to a pre-existing Fact, and can even affect the thoughts and behaviors of a creature. This can enable a human to fly without wings, temporarily convert an object into an artifact (with a single lesser Gift and sufficient Effort to power it once if applicable), or ensure that a specific area of a village can be entered to speak directly with the user of the Gift. Lesser foes can’t resist this Gift; Worthy foes get a Spirit save to resist.

The Upheaval of Order Action (Smite)
Commit Effort for the day to strike down anything with Fact changes within 100 feet of the user of this Gift. Within this area, creatures and objects with unnatural Fact alterations (due to the breakdown of Divine Law, use of Theurgy, Words, Influence or Dominion) suffer 1d10 damage for every Fact that has been changed unnaturally (not counting those resulting from social pressures etc). Against Mobs, this damage is rolled straight.