Carl Pellegrini
▶ Godbound

So. Anyone else think a massive campaign world set in a vast series of archipelagos (almost wrote arcologies, which is a whole different thing) would be nifty.

Maybe have it so there is a whole Mist Wall surrounding the known world which sometimes causes islands to appear. Which leads to the border being dangerous and perfect for adventurers.

Maybe instead of this place being after the war of heaven it's at the start of reality and in this the Godbound are granted shards of the celestial power used to create the realm from elsewhere.

Maybe the player Godbound could come from some of the larger island cultures and have come together after visions that show that they are needed. That said, they are not the only group to come together.

Just some thoughts. :)

Bob Something

Sounds like you got two very distinct and equally interesting seeds for a Realm and/or setting right there.

For the first one: I'd say it is possible that, maybe, some landmass manage to survive the decay of their celestial engine of their respective realm and 'drift'. While not every island in the archipelago would be such, perhaps 2-3 could have drifted there over the centuries, bringing with them waves of new people and creatures: some starving refugee eager to rebuild. Others vicious invaders. Think sea-Mongols crossed with Vikings but driven by desperation to take whatever resources they can so their people can have a chance at survival.

Tapu Tapu

One of my previous GMs had a similar setting; island-worlds in a vast sea of mist. I thought it was a really cool setting. Unfortunately, that campaign ended before it really began. If you're ever interested in running a game in your setting, let me know!