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So, I bought Codex of the Black Sun, the Stars Without Numbers-supplement about 'interstellar sorcery and magic'. I've made a character to test it out.
The book notes that the Warrior and Expert classes may be a bit bland or underpowered next to people who can do the impossible. Thus the book offers the Arcane Warrior and - Expert. They need not be magical exactly, but they have some Foci that transcend the possible.

This is an Arcane Expert.

Valeria Starns

Valeria Starns is from Little Falstaff, a drab planet which mainly served as a base for the Rightly-Guided Stellar Navy before the Scream.
After the Scream the isolation was deafening. Ships no longer took off for distant planets and systems, nor returned with goods and stories. Society deformed, and pilots became a noble caste, the shadows of their legends growing longer with each passing generation.
When the Silence began to lift, it was heralded by certain skills emerging among the Falstaffians. An uncanny sense of direction, of space, location and movement. These people were first persecuted, then by degrees lifted into the ranks of the pilots – after all their abilities would have to be some manner of providential gift.
Valeria is a fourth-generation pilot waymaker. Her trips off-worlds has shown her that she is out of a long line of soldiers, not priest-aristocrats. There is a vast universe out here, and being a grunt in space is infinitely better than being groundling royalty.

1st-level (Arcane) Expert
Str 8
Dex 15/+1
Con 11
Int 14/+1
Wis 5/ - 1
Cha 10

Hit points: 6
BAB: 0 (Melee: 0/Ranged +1)
AC: 11

Physical: 15
Mental: 15
Evasion: 14

Class ability:
Once per scene, you can reroll a failed skill check,
taking the new roll if it’s better.


Level 1
You always know your exact location, whether
on a planet or in space, and the correct bearing to
any other location known to you. You have an eidetic memory for paths and travel routes. You can gain a point of System Strain to automatically deactivate, unlock, or bypass any single sealed door, hatch, or other barrier within your sight, forcing it to remain open for at least one round per character level. Such arcane opening never triggers any associated automated alarms or magical countermeasures, but sentient guardians may notice it.

Specialist (Pilot)
Level 1
You are a remarkably talented pilot Roll 3d6 and drop the lowest die for all skill checks
in this skill.

Laser Pistol (1d6 damage)
Armored Undersuit (AC 13)
Monoblade knife (1d6 damage)
Climbing harness
Low-light goggles
2 type A cells
Backpack (TL0)
25 credits