Isaac Carroll
▶ Godbound

Here is my first draft of a Low Magic tradition for cultists of the principles of Heart and Forge from Cultist Simulator. As always, please let me know what you think.

Dance of the Hammer

The occult science of endurance and creation.

Apprentice: Base armor class of 7. Fashion weapons and armor or other items. Determine the function and powers of minor magic items.

Adept: Choose a type of energy (heat, cold, lightning, etc) and commit effort. While effort remains committed, take no damage from natural or Low Magic sources of that type of energy. Fashion +1 weapons and armor or minor magic items.

Master: Base armor class of 5. Always gets a Hardiness saving throw like a worthy opponent. Commit effort for the day to automatically make a Hardiness save. Summon a Percussigant.

Archmage: Fashion up to +2 weapons and armor. Choose a target and commit effort. While effort remains committed the target must dance frenziedly. Worthy foes may make a Spirit saving throw to overcome this. While dancing the target is unable to perform any other action. Target loses one hit point for each round spent dancing. At 0 hit points, target collapses in exhaustion or death.

Percussigant: AC 5, HD 6, Attack +6x2, Damage 1d8 impact, Morale 12, Move 30', Save 12+, Effort 2. A Percussigant never stops dancing. It loves to stamp and thump, bash and beat. If its summoner loses consciousness, it will attack anyone and anything nearby in a joyous rampage of destruction.