Christian Leonhard
▶ Silent Legions

So I'm diving into Silent Legions and, having really enjoyed developing my pantheon and cults, am now turning an eye toward building out my regional locations and adventure templates. I do have a question about my approach, however, and whether I'm looking at things the right way.
It seems to me that a given location (especially a smaller one, like a rural or isolated location) are generally only going to support a single adventure's worth of use, assuming the scheme and enemy involved are "resolved" in that adventure. In a larger urban location, I'd imagine a new set of enemy, scheme, etc entries could be selected to build another adventure around, but this seems less feasible with a smaller-scale location.
This is not necessarily a huge problem -- one can always add new locations to the region as needed -- but I'm curious whether I have this essentially correct or whether I'm looking at it all wrong. Comments?

Mark Knights

I live in a rural area that I based my silent legions game on and I happily placed several schemes in the area over time, some connected, others not