Rebecca Ashling
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How do languages work in the Revised SWON ruleset. Presumably it's covered by the Connect skill but how many starting languages and how does a character learn new ones?

Josh Peters

I was wondering the same thing, and came up with a rough solution: just use Connect like the old Language skill. So Connect 0: 1 language, Connect 1: 2 more languages, etc.

I also give characters bonus languages based on homeworld (occasionally) and more usually according to their Intelligence attribute modifier--one bonus language per bonus mod.

Kevin Crawford

As per the new sidebar in 0.11:

"The standard language of the late Terran Mandate was a highly hybridized version of English. All PCs are assumed to speak "Mandate" unless they've got a very good reason not to, and will rapidly pick up enough to get by otherwise.

PCs also speak all the languages appropriate to their background and history. A native of a French-speaking world will naturally speak French, or whatever French is in 3200 AD.

Linguist PCs with the Know skill know additional languages; one more at level-0, three more at level-1, six more at level-2, ten more at level-3, and all sector-known languages at level-4. PCs who are far-traveled or versed in dealing with other cultures may substitute Connect instead of Know to determine their bonus languages."