Matt Stark
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I've got a question on the faction action--Expand Influence.
Well, maybe just a clarification.

"Factions may use this action to buy additional hit points for a Base of Influence, paying one additional FacCred up to the maximum HP allowed. It is possible to decrease a base's hit points with the action as well, albeit without refunds. The base on a faction's homeworld cannot be shrunk this way."

Let's assume that a faction has overextended its reach and wants to minimize risk by decreasing a Base of Influence on some remote planet. Does this action require the faction to spend FacCred to reduce hitpoints by a likewise amount?

Dave Sherohman

No. It costs FacCreds to "buy additional HP". Reducing HP doesn't cost anything (but doesn't refund any of the previous expenditure, either). Of course, you'd still need to pay the FCs again if, in the future, you decide to expand there again.