Carl Pellegrini
▶ Stars Without Number

It is always said that a GM should only design material needed for the upcoming game ... unless it's fun to do.

Well for no reason other then it was fun I drew out a vast region of space home to my wormhole drive using human dominated Terran Empire. The idea is that from the perspective of the rest of the galaxy this greater region is devoid of useful resource due to the Great Scourge of fifty thousand years ago. Of course the truth was the area was anything but void of resources, which turned out to be a luck break for humanity and it's half dozen client species as it meant they were able to expand in relative peace. Of course all such periods must come to an end, which it did when humanity made first contact with not one galactic central species but three at the same time in very diverse regions of the Empire.

The map itself is a first and thus rough draft but it was also fun to make. Even if I don't know what to use it for. :)

Comments are of course welcome as I plan on continuing to work with it for as long as it's fun to do so. :)

Ps. The rough circle shaped sector third row middle from the left is th Sol Sector and thus the location of Earth.