Marques Jordan
▶ Godbound

Hello everyone! I'm just about to start reading Godbound. Most of my RPG experience is with Dungeon World. I've dabbled with many other games, but only a few sessions worth each.

I'm big on homebrewing. One of the things I loved about the DW Community was that the practice was very common for the average GM. I've been searching the internet and am having trouble finding anything for Godbound that isn't an official product.

Now I've just found this group and plan to dig through it. But right off the bat I was hoping to ask if there were any resources out there (websites, dropbox folder you wish to share, etc...) that had some homebrew, player aides, or other useful materials related to Godbound.

Any feedback is highly appreciated! Thanks ^_^

parrish warren

My only comment is to read the dang thing first.

Dave Sherohman

I'm sure you'll get some references to various unofficial published materials (I can't give you any because I don't pay much attention to them), in particular custom Words, but, really, when you read the official publications you'll find that they exist primarily as a toolkit for making your own homebrew materials.

Wenyang Wu

Check out the Godbound subreddit. There's plenty of homebrew material there! - top scoring links : godbound

Johnny McDuff

Most people are using Godbound for homebrew of one kind or another. The game is basically a giant toolbox.