Johnathon kulchyski
▶ Godbound

The Black Strife of Uncreation

This is a little strife I through together for fun. A guy on the discord chat was working on it and asked for ideas, and I just had so many I made this. I have borrowed a few of his too when making this, so I can't claim full responsibility.

Fists of the Uncreated (On turn)
When the adept makes an attack they may choose to have their damage roll read straight. Each time the adept chooses to do this they release an Uncreated Unbidden into the world with HD equal to twice the adepts Level. When this gift is taken the adept must treat all Uncreated as greater foes regardless of HD.

Undo Creation (Instant)
The adept may commit effort for the day to gain a perfect defense against all attacks until the start of their next round. The adept accomplishes this by ripping a temporary hole in creation that releases a hulking abomination with HD equal to thrice the adepts level, and actions per turn equal to a third of the adepts level. When the adept learns this gift Uncreated that attack them become able to ignore any defensive gift, or ability the adept is able to use other than this one.

Destruction of the Soul Smite (Instant)
The adept may commit effort for the scene to have a visible target be unable to use any gifts, miracles, or sorcery until the start of the adepts next turn. Any ongoing gifts are ended except for ones that are constant. If the target is killed while this effect is ongoing their soul is taken by the uncreated for purposes unknown and my not be resurrected. When the adept uses this gift a single point of effort turns black. Black effort may only be used for black strifes and may not be used to activate any other gift, miracle, or sorcery.

The path of Uncreation (On Turn)
The adept may commit effort to travel through the uncreated night to any location they are aware of. This travel happens instantly, but leaves a small hole to the uncreated night at both the entrance and exit point that take 13 minutes to close. Each Minute 1d4 Uncreated Unbidden enter creation through the holes, splitting their numbers between both sides. The adept also gains the ability to move at twice their movement speed while in the uncreated night. When this gift is taken if the adept becomes more Uncreated than god or man and any dominion and souls they would receive from worship instead go to the uncreated night and the adept does not receive them. The adept gains dominion each month as if they were an independent deity.

Breathing a cold breath (Constant)
The adept gains the cold breath ability equal to half their level. Anyone other then themselves, and those they have chosen that attempt to use effort in a 5 mile radius around them must commit effort for the scene equal to half the adepts level to do so. This effort only needs to be committed a single time. Additionally the adept becomes immune to cold breath. After buying this gift the adept becomes a beacon for the uncreated and each day an uncreated unbidden with HD equal to twice their level is released somewhere in a 5 mile radius. When this gift is taken the adept is unable to target uncreated with any gifts, miracles, or sorcery that require effort to be committed.

Anathema (On Turn)
The adept may choose to spend effort for the day to make an extra attack on their turn. There is no limit to the amount of effort that may be spent this way. Each time an effort is spent a permanent rift to the uncreated night occurs near something that the adept cares about. If the adept has nothing left in the world they care about when they use this gift, then at the end of their turn they die and return as an uncreated shade. Their HP remains the same, they keep all gifts and words they had other than this strife, but for all other stats they use the hulking abomination stat block. When the adept takes this gift they become unable to deal damage to uncreated.