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This sounds like a 'no,' to me, but as time goes on I grow more and more uncertain in my previous conceits surrounding Godbound.

Would a Godbound of Time be able to create an area where time moves much faster with a Dominion Change? For instance, in a village time moves at 10 times the speed of areas surrounding, thus, ten days conclude in the span one, outside.

Even if one were to permit such a Change, how would that interact with things like Artifact crafting time, or Lesser Magic item creation time, or even cult worship dominion gains? Should it simply not interact, as a matter of preserving balance?


Further: would the same Godbound of Time be able to use a Dominion change to freeze foes who crossed a threshold into a timeless region in place? Perhaps they were interested in using Time as a defensive measure for their village/region/stronghold/etc.


Would Miracles of Time be able to age non-immortal creatures backwards/make them younger? Would they be able to do the same for immortal creatures? What about a Zone of Danger?

I can see that permitting a Timebound hero to infantilize his foes like this could turn the party into an impromptu-daycare as the best-case scenario.

Would it work better as a Dominion Change, or simply not work at all?


Would a Timebound hero be able to go back in Time as a change, or a miracle? If a change, what would the rating on that be? How long would you permit them to go back?

Thanks for your time, all.

Scott Udall

1) For the first question I would note, from the book:

"Impossible changes usually require at least one mighty deed to be
accomplished in order to find the necessary components, persuade
reluctant locals, discover needful lore, or best an opposing force. Particularly dramatic impossibilities might require several feats."

I don't believe I've ever said "No" to a potential Dominion spend. However, as the GM we do get to require epic feats before a spend can occur. If a Time Godbound in my game wanted to create a village where time moves ten times faster I'd require two or three feats. Go to a Black Academy to find records of an ancient theurgist who altered the time stream multiple times, take the essence of some creature of Uncreated Night who manipulates time in order to attack multiple foes in a round, travel to the Shard of Heaven where a Celestial Engine of time is located and alter it with the encoded (from the theurge) essence and Dominion.

In terms of the sub-question: "balance" is a tough discussion. Would it be "balanced" to deny them the benefits of their actions? My personal call would be that anything happening that is only relevant to the village gets the advantage of the speed up, but stuff like the Godbound getting monthly Dominion is tied to some greater, worldwide, force and would therefor be tied to the outer world's time ticking.

2) If a Godbound wanted to defend a village with a time freeze field I'd need more details. For example, does the field only freeze hostile foes? How does it know if a foe is hostile? Does the Godbound's other words allow for such a nuanced take? If the player is alright with it I'd probably negotiate with them at a)The village now has a Feature they can use defensively in the Faction turn b)If the field comes up in a session against an enemy they get a Spirit save to resist or are otherwise frozen.

3) From the book:

"Commit Effort. Your weapon, glance, or unarmed blows are treated
as magic weapons doing 1d10 damage out to a 200 foot range. Those
injured by this effect grow older or more decayed, even immortals fraying. Instead of killing a victim with this, you can age them arbitrarily."

Personally I'd let a Time bound PC Commit Effort for the day to use the power for a scene and reverse it, but they only get to properly set the enemy's age when the opponent is out of HP (in the same way as the aging power works). They still have to fight and win and get the "killing blow" to baby-fy their foe.

4) Time travel is tough because the game has no rules for it and it's a pretty complex topic. If a PC really wanted to time travel here's how I'd do it:

Let's say a PC wanted to travel back in time in order to stop an NPC from being murdered. The NPC was a mayor for a large city so we'll call it a City-level change. This is obviously Impossible. Also, local entities would almost certainly be opposed to the change even if they liked the mayor; the entities are the benefactors of the status quo and time travel would be risky.

I'd determine the Dominion cost based on the situation and require two epic deeds: the first, find something in the fiction that allows the time travel. Maybe there's some sort of special gateway a la a Night Road or maybe the PC will have to make an earlier Dominion spend to craft something themselves. Once they have the time travel device they can enter it by spending the Dominion as established and enter the gate, or whatever.

I would then present a scenario that mimicked the situation where the mayor had died. However, both to add drama and to save myself from not perfectly copying the events of the previous situation, I would add some sort of monster or monsters that only live in the time stream who specifically hunt travelers. They would add various distortions to the area (I'd make the sky a weird color, people might act strangely, respond poorly to the PCs' presence) and try to kill the PCs and make sure the mayor dies.

If the PCs go into this situation, keep the mayor alive, and go back through the gate, they will go back to the present with the mayor alive. Because that's all they spent Dominion for that's all that actually changes. Everything else remains the same. If the PCs blew up the city in the past but didn't spend Dominion to do so, when they return to the present the city is still there. If a past event would have changed because the mayor was alive I'd come up with a fictional justification for it (maybe the mayor fell into a coma for a few months or maybe, because making Domino changes can sometimes add to a city's Problems, returning him to the present added some sort of counter-force that prevented his efficacy).

Now that the PCs are in the present they can make sure the mayor maintains his political power, stop any new obstacle, and move on to their next plan.

Last I should say that these are my personal thoughts and solutions. Godbound is designed so that you, as the GM, have the right to make the call that is best for your table. If something I said wouldn't be interesting for your group then there are many other solutions available. There are relatively few canon answers to these sorts of questions.

Ruben Navarro

1 - I think Kevin already said that things like Dominion recovery are not affected by time-altering gifts or miracles, but It may impact the creation of manufactured products but other things like season changes probably not. 2 - I see that as a Feature and Features have mechanical uses and advantages that doesn't need to be overpowered. 3 - The age changing is the excuse in the fiction for the effect of the Gift or Miracle. You Divine Wrath the dragon until is an newborn lizard breaking his egg. Hit points can be a tool for narration. A group of guard become toddlers after the devastating effect of a Corona of Dury of Time. A Time Danger Zone causes HP damage as the people on it ages or becomes too young. Making someone young again as a way of attain an eternal youth effect is a bit more complex and I would rule it following the examples found in the Theurgy section. 4 - Simple answer: NO. Extended answer: A supernatural change of something using Dominion requires an epic deed, that may be the time travelling to enact the events that trigger the change. But Dominion spenditure is required afterwards (or even beforehand) and everything except the change enacted is rolled-back by the time stream. Be aware that this can break your campaign or well, give all the excuse to make your campaign very interesting and very fun.
Hope this helped.

Ruben Navarro

+Scott Udall LOL It's funny I wrote my post before reading yours and most answers are the same except for certain details. Seems that GB gives mechanics solid enough to allow this kind of common ground.

Mason Munden

+Scott Udall , +Ruben Navarro

Both of you have provided very comprehensive answers that are very sane and more subjectively, quite lovely. I would have adjudicated the sped-up time zone to not provide access to faster Artifact/dominion gain, much for the reason +Scott Udall maintained: that it's tied to something greater than local time.

I like the idea of using HP as a measure to alter a creature's age. It's certainly sensible. I wasn't necessarily going by the weapon gift because my interpretation of "age them arbitrarily" would mean to progress their age forward through time.

Additionally, +Scott Udall --I love the idea that there might be guardians of the time-stream, and presenting an altered-world for time travel shenanigans. I'd say that it would be more than reasonable for there to be a crack team of Angels that specifically look for these temporal distortions, and such distortions permit them to enter the local timespace and really ruin the day of a time-traveler. I think that's the route I'll go with it... strangely-colored skies and all.

Thank you both, and to anybody else who wants to discuss this matter. Your thoughts are nothing short of gifts, to me.