Nathaniel Bennett
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What would Metamorphosis Alpha look like in SWN? For those not familiar, MA is set on a multi-generation ship that passes through a radiation cloud which mutates the people on board and sets it adrift. Its very gonzo and arbitrary, which I'd like to replace with a more SWN sensibility.

I'm thinking something along the lines of a hollowed-out asteroid that was headed somewhere when the Scream hit. The AIs and psionic people went crazy and years later the population has forgotten the original purpose.

What would be the purpose of an asteroid habitat in a setting with wormhole transportation across the galaxy?

Ian Borchardt (Reverance Pavane)

It doesn't have to be going anywhere. It could be a giant space station. And the Dust (emergency medical nanites) [cf Other Dust ) does make a useful cause of mutation. Especially if the damaged and lobotomised command AI considers it to be the best chance for the long-term survival of the greatest number of residents.

Michael Knarr

My take would be to use the rules from Other Dust and just use them in a gigantic generation ship with a lot of amnesiacs. The mad people with psychic powers and AIs are super easy to use in such a setting. A bit like "A wind namef amnesia" on a giant spaceship.