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Ok so I have the printed and PDF versions of Lexicon of the Throne. In the Word of Entropy the Functional Lifespan ability is completely different. The one in the printed book seems like almost a duplicate to Zero Functional Lifespan. Was wondering if this is an error and the one in the PDF is correct

The version in the PDF let's you protect an item or person from decay leaving Zero Functional Lifespan as the accelerating decay power.

Mark Stanley

From Kevin in the past. He said it was a goof on his part:

What should have been was this, for Functional Lifespan: "Commit Effort for the scene and target a visible creature or an object or part of an object no larger than a cottage. The target becomes immune to natural weathering, decay, or aging, though it can still be damaged normally by intentional action or uncharacteristic abuse. Supernatural creatures or humans with more than 1 HD can't be made immortal this way, though their lifespan can be maximized."