Mason Munden
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+Kevin Crawford I'm terribly sorry for directing this question to you:

I've been wondering for some time as to the definition of miracles. Can they be dispelled as a normal gift? If so, if they're being used for an offensive dispelling: can they in turn be defensively dispelled? For that matter, can the ability to use miracles to produce a particular effect be suppressed with a gift such as Purity of Brilliant Law?

Bullet Points:

• Can miracles (that aren't emulating a gift) be dispelled as if they were a gift?
- Are miracles classified as "powers" or "magical abilities" or something else?

• Can you defensively dispel an offensive dispelling (with miracles or otherwise)?

• Can the ability to use miracles to produce a specific effect be suppressed for a round by any gifts/abilities currently printed in the Deluxe edition?

Thank you for your time.

Mason Munden

Additionally, I understand if you wish to leave these points to GM adjudication. It's what's been done in most groups until this point, no doubt.

Kevin Crawford

A) Yes, they can be, if the person doing the dispelling has an appropriate explanation for how they're using their powers to counteract the effect.

B) They're in the same category as gifts, just gifts generated by a different method than usual.

C) No. If you allowed that, then offensive dispelling would be basically useless as long as the target was willing to burn a point of Effort. It would accelerate the race to zero Effort without really giving much flavor to the conflict.

D) If you're affected by something that stops you from using the Summon Wombat gift, you can't just invoke a miracle to do something functionally identical to summoning a wombat. It's up to the GM to decide what "functionally identical" is.

Mason Munden

+Kevin Crawford This is most satisfying to know. Like, honestly I'm straight up giddy and I know that's terribly silly. I also understand that these rulings will be slightly different per-group and per-GM, and as always I take these rulings as: "how KC would rule in a game that he was running."

As always, I appreciate your time and dedication. Thank you so much.