Matthew Kearns
▶ Godbound

Godwalkers are described as operating by "drawing divine sympathies between their shape, their function, and their pilots." In addition, we know that in previous empires "a few experimental godwalkers were created in more exotic shapes, such as thrones or libraries..."

Has anyone seen any examples of non-martial godwalkers in practice, or have any good ideas for how to develop and manage one?

Marshall Brengle

The Altar of Heaven in Storms of Yizhao might be useful inspiration

John Powell

You mean the legendary War Wheels of Seiko 3?

Rebecca Ashling

I think there was an Inquisitor in Warhammer 40K who went about on a massive ambulatory throne.

Jay Wyatt

Am I the only one who wants to create a transforming Escaflowne Godwalker?