Doc Dandy
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Hi! I learned that +Kevin Crawford is working on a religion generator for Godbound so I guve you my own generator built fisrt for SWN! Hope that will help.
Throw a D6 for each aspects of the Religion:

1- Sexuality: What is the main vision about sexuality.
1-2 / Natalist: strictly heterosexual. Men needs to be strong and procreate, women must raise the children.
3-4/ Tolerant: homosexuality is ok but the main model is strictly monogamy.
5-6/ Free: you can f**k whoever you want as soon it's done with respect.

2- Politics: How the religion views its place in the society.
1-2-3/ Independant: The cult don't care about politics. The Religion is all about self improvement.
4-5-6/ Theocraty: The Cult is the main pilar of the society.

3- Economy : How the Cult sees money and trade.
1-2 / Liberal: free trade and money is the mark of good workers. Rich people can help the cult through Charity.
3-4 / "Socialist ": Everyone must shares their money with the poor to contribute to a fair society.
5-6 / Protectionnist: Money is evil and true believers live in frugality

4- "Conscience": How The Cult share its voice in the wolrd
1-2 / Global: Everyone is free to join the Cult as soon as he/she respect the tradition.
3-4 / Territorial: The cult is part of a country or region in the world.
5-6 / Communautarist: The Cult is part of a race or another kind of community.

5- Rapport with magic: Is magic or powers are seen with goodwill
1- 2 / Affinity: magic is good and the sign of the gods.
3-4 / utilitariian: Magic is a element of the universe. It can be as good as evil.
5-6 / Defiance: Magic (except holy magic of course!) is the sign of the demons. It must be purged!

so with a 1 - 4 - 3 - 5-1 I got the Green God Society, a cult of reptilian people who see them as Chosen by the Big Green. Each member of the cult must contribute to the community by raising strong childs, working hard and shares their work with other members and stay away from stangers. The Green gods cultists are good magicians and they believe that the more powerful they are, the more pure and worthy they are.

Mitchel Pigsley

This is great! These rolls you have created can help define how the given religion interacts with the world, but what about what the religion looks like internally?

Here are some things I think would need fleshed out:
* type (monotheism, dualism, polytheism, etc.)
* internal hierarchy (One head leader, multiple regional leaders, etc.)
* rituals
* believer requirements
* holidays
* traditions (head dresses, self-mutilation, etc.)

I can see the last 4 in the list above to be massive lists with like 100 different options. You can run one or more times on them.

Doc Dandy

Exactly! I build my generator with external views beacause internal hierarchy or traditions should come from the culture which create the Cult. So it depends but, yes, we could build more lists.

Mason Munden

+Doc Dandy You might want to take some inspiration from some of the other generators of similar nature out there. I've found a few, and compiled a list below: - Belief System Generator

Standing these side-by-side (by side) a few overarching themes appear here.

You've got Type/Nature, which describes the type of *theism of the theology, you have some description of the primary deity, some descriptions of rituals/practices/prayers, and finally attitude towards the topics relevant to their clergy.

There's also (in each of these) some description of the belief of the religious as well, either in the form of histories, views on the afterlife, or descriptions of worship.

We also see holidays in two of three of these generators. I think also the inclusion of the founding history would also be a great boone to those who would be using generators of these sorts.

Best of luck, at any rate.