Bob Something
▶ Godbound

While looking for game material, books and settings to mash with Godbound I came across a pdf which had been sadly neglected and collecting dust in my collection. That book is 'Petty Gods: Revised & Expanded Edition' for Labyrinth Lord. Its tone can be somewhat all over the place (being a compilation of submitted ideas) and even a tad bit contradictory but it is quite the goldmine of ideas for Spirits and Parasite Gods to populate Godbound or, even, to make a Godbound game where the characters are some sort of lesser divinity in a world filled with all manner of lesser gods and spirits.

Well worth a read to populate a Godbound realm with divinity both wonderful and sometimes silly. Hell, in a way, silliness may very well work in favor to truly making a Godbound game feel more mythical because, lets face it, some myths are just...weird.